Data Republic helps insurers harness the power of secure data sharing to model risk, assess potential fraud and enhance services.


Super-charge analytics in your organisation

Securely combine internal, shared and open datasets, then collaborate across teams and departments to unlock insight. 

  • Simple project setup and data provisioning
  • Cloud analytics workspaces = no costly internal IT setup
  • Connect teams on analytics projects across different locations
  • Create a 'closed catalogue ' of datasets - for certain teams and users
  • Secure environments - Full data encryption & egress control

What's possible with the Senate Platform for the Insurance industry?


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 Unlock insight through data enrichment

Request access to powerful transactional and behavioural datasets listed in Data Republic's marketplace.

  • Analyse real data listed by leading brands and service providers
  • Enrich customer insights and audience profiling
  • Automate ongoing modelling and reporting through simple data licensing
  • Team up with other major brands and service providers on key analytics initiatives
  • Pool anonymised data across key industry verticals or use cases such as income verification,  risk modelling or fraud detection

Grow data revenue

Generate data revenue through data licensing or the development of ready-made Data Products. 

  • Generate data revenue without compromising on privacy protection, data security or commercial risk management
  • Get Data Republic support and tool suites for Data Product development
  • Tap into Data Republic's established ecosystem of analysts, insight-seekers and data owners

Data sharing is transforming the insurance industry


Seize control of data flows

Govern the flows of data in and out of your financial organisation from one central platform. Streamline the risk management processes and delivery methods of sharing data. 

  • Operationalise/Automate governance frameworks for regulatory data sharing
  • Gain visibility & audit trail for all shared data projects among teams and divisions
  • Control the flow of data to card platforms, loyalty providers & consulting partners
  • Deliver additional value to institutional clients via secure data collaborations

The Senate Platform helps insurers unlock the power of data sharing, safely.

The new standard for data sharing governance

The Senate Platform underpins a network of over 500 organizations who leverage Data Republic's governance framework and technology as an emerging standard for secure data sharing, globally. 

The Senate Platform is trusted by banks, airlines, blue-chip brands and governments across Australia, USA and Singapore.

Join the fast-growing ecosystem of organizations embracing safe data sharing with Data Republic.



The governance platform for secure data sharing

Data Republic's Senate Platform solves the complex legal, data security and privacy barriers to data sharing, making it simpler and more secure for insurers to share and licence data.

+ Governance & Data Licensing Workflows

Securely manage data sharing projects online with comprehensive governance and licensing tools, workflows and dashboards. 

+ Deidentification& privacy protective matching

Protect customer privacy, even when matching datasets. Private-by-design software. 

+ Quarantined cloud-analytics SaaS 

+ Secure ecosystem for data sharing

As insurers enter an arms race for data innovation, new priorities are emerging for insurance data leaders. 

Data Republic’s Senate Platform delivers a data sharing control center for insurers, helping you to realize the true potential of the data economy while protecting against data sharing risk.

+ How can I access verified 2nd-party data from trusted sources?

+ How do I protect customer privacy while enriching insight?

How do I ensure compliance with new privacy regulation without compromising innovation?

How can I reduce legal, compliance and technology overheads for each shared-data analytics project?

+ How do I build an auditable record of data flowing in and out of my organization? 

Concerns for insurance data leaders include:

Provision and analyze data in secure, encrypted cloud analytics environments.

Safely collaborate with hundreds of companies and governments adopting Data Republic standards & technology for data sharing. 


Streamline Data Collaboration Policies to support compliance

Enable fast, secure collaboration between analysts, teams and external parties while closing 'side-door', unauthorized data sharing.

Whether you’re ‘just getting started’ with initial data sharing projects or you’re scaling a maturing data monetization program, Data Republic's Senate Platform helps you to govern data sharing safely and sustainably.

Data Republic works with insurers across the full spectrum of data sharing. 

Below are some of the most common use cases for insurers licensing the Senate Platform. 

Fraudulent claims can cost you, but with the help of secure 2nd-party data sharing, you can take advantage of profiling and predictive modelling to flag when a fraudulent claim is filed.

Fraud Prevention




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Single view of customer

Securely combine datasets from across your organization. Then use consent-driven 2nd party data to find the signals to predict the next best offering. 

Enable more customised experiences with your current customers by anticipating needs based on their life stage.

Support data innovation, securely.

Explore the potential of new data partnerships in a secure, auditable environment.

Test and evaluate new technology against your data in days, not months. It's the ultimate data innovation sandbox.

Future-proof data sharing processes

Stop ad-hoc, time-consuming and risky processes when managing data sharing.  

Ensure compliance and audibility with Data Republic’s trusted Senate Platform.

Enforce data sharing standards & controls

Reduce risk with one data sharing platform, one process & one audit trail

Leverage world-first PII management tools & comply with emerging privacy regulation

Unlock verified 2nd party data

Drive competitive advantage through safe data enrichment & collaboration

Accelerate innovation & competitive advantage

Innovate with confidence. Collaborate across teams & with external parties while remaining in control.


Protect customer privacy, no PII risk 

APRA Prudential Standard CPS 234

The APRA Prudential Standard CPS 234 will come into effect in July 2019. Data governance for insurance should now be a key focus to ensure compliance for Australian insurers.