The Senate Platform helps banks and financial service providers realize the benefits of sharing data without risking consumer privacy or data security.

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Data sharing is transforming banking

From personalization to product innovation, risk modelling and the implementation of regulatory reforms like Open Banking, over the past 12 months data sharing has become central to both regulatory compliance and gaining competitive advantage in the financial services sector. 

The governance mechanisms or ways in which organizations choose to share and control data have never been more important. 

In today’s world, financial data must be both open and protected, available on API-call and secured against hackers. 

Data Republic's technology helps banking leaders safely navigate the complex world of data sharing. 


A must listen! Emma Gray, CDO of ANZ and Paul McCarney sit down with Bluenotes to discuss Open Banking, data sharing and why ANZ has partnered with Data Republic to drive data sharing innovation at the bank.

A data revolution is rippling through the financial services industry (FSI), and providers must prepare for the inevitable shifts that will occur by 2019 and beyond. With Europe’s GDPR, the UK’s open banking regime, Australia’s proposed one, as well as the rapid rise of China’s audacious fintechs, it’s clear data sharing is impacting FSI across the globe.

But rather than raging against the transformation of the industry, FSI providers – particularly in Australia – have an opportunity to become market leaders in the emerging data economy.

Here’s a look at how data-sharing trends are fundamentally impacting financial services, and what it means for providers here and abroad.

How data sharing is revolutionizing banking


The Senate Platform solves the complex legal, data security and privacy barriers to data sharing, making it simpler and more secure for your organization to share and licence data.

The governance platform for secure data sharing


Our users love us. This is why.

Simply configure governance controls, user permissions and dataset access


Governance dashboards help manage requests and projects from start to finish

Tools to manage data licensing, risk and reporting back to business

Peace of mind - Industry-leading privacy and security controls

Manage data sharing projects and licencing from one central platform - one audit trail, reduced risk, accelerated outcomes


Comprehensive legal framework protects data security, customer privacy and commercial risk

Cloud-based workspaces and tools for analyst teams (no internal IT setup)

Secure collaboration channel for new and existing partners

Simple, secure way to grow data revenue and ROI

Access and analyse powerful 2nd-party datasets from major brands and service providers


Simple online request workflows & fee structures for 2nd party data access

Full support, code libraries and tools from the Data Republic team

Analytics workspaces configured with leading  tools (BYOL)





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Future-proof data sharing processes

Stop ad-hoc, time-consuming and risky processes when managing data sharing.  

Ensure compliance and audibility with Data Republic’s trusted Senate Platform.

Enforce data sharing standards & controls

Reduce risk with one data sharing platform, one process & one audit trail

Leverage world-first PII management tools & comply with emerging privacy regulation

Unlock verified 2nd party data

Drive competitive advantage through safe data enrichment & collaboration

Accelerate innovation & competitive advantage

Innovate with confidence. Collaborate across teams & with external parties while remaining in control.



Streamline Internal Data Collaboration

Product Innovation

Data Partnerships

Enable fast, secure collaboration between analysts, teams and external parties while closing "side-door' data sharing between teams.

Test and evaluate new technology against your data in days, not months. It's the ultimate data innovation sandbox.

Explore the potential of new data partnerships in a secure, auditable environment.

Single View of Customer

Securely combine datasets from across your organization. Then unlock new customer insights through 2nd party data enrichment.

The Senate Platform helps banks unlock the power of data sharing, safely.

Whether you’re ‘just getting started’ with initial data sharing projects or you’re scaling a maturing data monetization program, Data Republic's Senate Platform helps you to govern data sharing safely and sustainably.

Data Republic works with organizations across the full spectrum of data sharing. 

Below are some of the most common use cases for banks licencing Data Republic's Senate Platform. 

Protect customer privacy, no PII risk 


Watch a demo of the Senate Platform

Interested in learning about how data sharing projects work on the Senate Platform? 

+ Governance & Data Licensing Workflows

Securely manage data sharing projects online with comprehensive governance and licensing tools, workflows and dashboards.  Audit and report on all activities.

+ De-identification, PII protection & safe matching

Match datasets without PII ever leaving your organization.  Ensure privacy compliance and protection when sharing data.

+ Quarantined analytics environments

DMZ for data collaboration. Provision and analyze data in secure, encrypted, cloud analytics environments.

+ Secure ecosystem for data sharing

Safely collaborate with hundreds of companies and governments adopting Data Republic standards & technology for data sharing.