What is your data really worth?

About Data Republic

Data Republic is a data exchange technology platform and marketplace where organisations can exchange data and collaborate on projects in a secure environment. 

Data Republic's technology makes it simple and secure for organizations to commercialize and share data in a way which respects consumer privacy and business interests.

We believe that when data can flow securely between individuals, organizations and governments, wiser decisions can be made and better outcomes delivered for both business and society as a whole. 

Join our ecosystem today and realise the true potential of your data.

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Data Pricing in the Data Economy 

  • Get an expert briefing on the rise of the data economy

  • Understand how to assign value to different types of data assets

  • Explore best-practice principles and actionable guidelines for valuing & commercializing data assets

  • Build an actionable plan for your business to bring data assets onto the balance sheet

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About the author

Steve is Chief Analytics Officer at leading data exchange technology company, Data Republic.  Steve has spent his career working at the intersection of data and business.  He has held positions in research, data, analytics and innovation and companies such as Experian, Westfield and Urbis.
Today, he works with major data owners to define value-based pricing models for datasets exchanged on the Data Republic marketplace. 

It’s never been more important to understand the value of your organization’s data assets.

But valuing data is complicated right? It doesn’t have to be.

Get started today with the latest whitepaper from Data Republic’s Chief Analytics Officer, Steve Millward.